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 The founding of Rome

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PostSubject: The founding of Rome   Mon Nov 09, 2009 5:37 pm

The Founding of Rome

Legend has is that two brothers, Romulus and Remus, built the city of Rome. They were raised by a she-wolf who found them along the shores of the Tiber River. After a while, they were found by a shepherd who adopted them as his own. When they grew up, they went out to build a city on the Tiber River. For a time they could not decide on the place to build it, but eventually Romulus won their argument and began planning the city. Remus mocked his brother's plan because he was "irritated." The mocking of his city plans angered Romulus so greatly, that he killed Remus and named the city Rome, which he ruled as king for about 40 years. According to the legend they built the city at around 753 BC.

Romulus and Remus feeding from their "mother", a she-wolf

The true story of Rome's founding is much more simple story. Several settlements joined together in the interest of their defense and created the city of Rome. The area on which it was built was a marshland at the time so it had to be drained before anything could be done; this took a great amount of time, contradicting the Romulus and Remus legend which makes it seem like it was built very quickly.

Under the Latin kings' rule, Rome flourished, mainly because of its favorable position on the Tiber River.

By the late 600s, the Latin kings fell from power, this power shifted to the Etruscans.

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The founding of Rome
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