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 Roman Math and Life

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Andrew Cox

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PostSubject: Roman Math and Life   Mon Nov 23, 2009 7:01 pm


Roman numbers were most likely based off of the human hand.
  • I for a single finger (1)
  • V for an outstretched hand (5)
  • X for 2 outstretched hands (10)

These can then be combined into numbers:


For a full list of numerals go to my source:

Weights and Measures
  • Uncia - the base unit of Roman measurement - 1 modern ounce or 28 grams
  • As - equal to 6 uncia
  • Libra - 12 uncia - The abbreviation for pound (lb.) came from this unit - 3/4 a pound or 336 grams

For more units go to my sorces:


The Romans used a three - name naming system, much like the first, middle, last name system used today. There was a strict system of naming, that was only loosened a small amount over the years. The first name was the only one that the parents had some control over. Even with this, there was a few names that were normaly used. The second name was tied to the gens that the person belonged to. The third was the specification of the branch of the gens of the individual. Over time this system fell apart, with the names allowed to be changed a small amount.

Source: http://www.unrv.com/culture/roman-naming-practices.php

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Roman Math and Life
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