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 Pax Romana (27 BC to 180 AD)

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PostSubject: Pax Romana (27 BC to 180 AD)   Mon Nov 23, 2009 8:15 pm

The period of Roman history called the Pax Romana started in 27 BC at the start of the rule of Caesar Augustus. This period of over 200 years was a great time for the Roman Empire, with many benifits. Some of these include a more stable government, a strong legal system, increased trade, and a general peace. This era was rarely interupted by invasion or war, resulting in a better life for the people.

The government of Rome was much better during the Pax Romana. The entire area was split into provences. Each of these areas was run by a governor. These governors were much better than previously, because they were watched carefully by the central Roman government. In addition to this, any citizen could appeal to the emperor if their governor was treating them unfairly. This led to a certain uniformity across the empire, including nearly all large cities modeling Rome by adding public amenities.

There was also a legal system that was stabilized. Most laws passed applied to all citizens, and all laws stated the penalties for breaking the laws.

Farming remained the primary sorce of work in the Roman Empire, but a new type of work was replacing the old. Tenant farming became popular, replacing the old slave labor. A land owner would give a plot of land to a tenant farmer that would live there for a set period of years, and giving an amount of the crop to the land owner.

Manufacturing also increased all over the empire. In cities in Italy and Spain pottery and textiles were made in many small shops. Glassware was a big industry in Alexandria and other large cities. With the large amount of surplus and other items being made, there was oppertunity to trade. From many provinces grain, meat, wool, hides, and other materials were imported. Asia brought silk, linen, jewelry, and furniture that was more popular with the wealthy. Egypt was a very large producer of grain, so it was essential for Rome's growing cities. All of this was helped by Rome's position on the Mediteranean. The location allowed easy transport rather than taking goods hundreds of miles of roads.

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Pax Romana (27 BC to 180 AD)
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