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 The Etruscans take charge (Circa 616-509 BC)

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PostSubject: The Etruscans take charge (Circa 616-509 BC)   Wed Nov 11, 2009 8:54 am

Etruscan Monarchy

In the early days the Etruscan people were mainly an agricultural people. But things changed as their army grew to a great size, with this army they were able to control the Italian Peninsula. By about 616 BC they had most of the north half of the Italian Peninsula, including Rome, in their control.

A map showing the extent of Etruscan lands

While in control of Rome, the Etruscan kings made great advances for the Roman people. They built the city's first wall and sewer, showed new building techniques, showed the alphabet and a "number system," influenced art, and created gladiator, and other recreational, matches.

However, the greatness of the Etruscan kings started to fall and kings soon became tyrants to the people. In 509 BC, the Roman people ousted the tyrant and the system of monarchy and created a republic in its place.

Works cited

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The Etruscans take charge (Circa 616-509 BC)
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