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 Roman Republic (Circa 494 BC)

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Andrew Jeffreys

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PostSubject: Roman Republic (Circa 494 BC)   Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:39 pm

Roman Republic

When the Romans ousted the last tyrant from the Etruscan rule, they set up a Republic. In the early days of the Republic, only the aristocrats, called the patricians, served as elected officials. The patricians were able to keep political support through a type of patronage system where they would give the plebeians, the common people of Rome, help and in return the plebeians would give them support.

The plebeians weren't treated well by the patricians and when Rome was threatened by invaders, they threatened to withdraw from the Republic until they were given better benefits. They made up most of the Roman army and the patricians knew they would have to give into the plebeians if they wanted to survive. In 494 BC the plebeians were given their own council to make sure the patricians wouldn't try to take advantage of them.
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Roman Republic (Circa 494 BC)
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