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 Third Punic War (149 to 146 BC)

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Andrew Jeffreys

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PostSubject: Third Punic War (149 to 146 BC)   Tue Nov 10, 2009 9:46 pm

The Third Punic War was a very brief struggle between Carthage and Rome, ending their conflict. It can be considered unnecessary, be cause of the cause of the war.

Carthage had recovered economicly from the war, but had to carry the burden of having Rome looking over its sholder and watching every move. The Romans had gained a large amount of new land in northern Africa, and was trying to grow crops there like the Carthaginians. Some of the Senators, led by Cato the Elder, did not like this, because Carthage was prospering when Rome should have been doing the same.

After many years of tention in the Senate, Carthage gave a slight opening to do as many had wished and destroy it. African tribes had learned that Carthaginians would not cross the Roman territory line, and began to take advantage of it on raids. Cartage soon saw the ever increasing raids as a major threat and make moves to protect itself in 149 BC.

Once the Carthaginians had protected themselves, the Romans took it as an act of war. They took this excuse to eraticate Carthage. A seige of Carthage was started, led by previous Punic War general Scipio. For three years the seige pursued, The people of Carthage knowing that they would soon be beaten. Finally in 146 BC, the city walls were breached, and led to a week of street fighting. Finally the garrison in the citadel surrendered.

The walls of the great city Carthage were torn down, and the city was set to flames. The citizens of Carthage were all sold into slavery. Soon the Roman Senate decreed that no one could live where Carthage had once stood.

Source: http://www.boisestate.edu/courses/westciv/Punicwar/17.shtml

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Third Punic War (149 to 146 BC)
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